Specialist in Commercial and Industrial Kitchen exhaust system cleaning in New Mexico, plus parts of Colorado, Texas, Arizona

Cleaning Stove - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Corrales, MN
The entire kitchen exhaust system includes the hood, filters, fan and all associated horizontal and vertical ductwork.

What are some of the dangers of not properly cleaning a kitchen exhaust system?

The grease and particulate buildup in the kitchen exhaust system is a fire hazard. This also impacts on the efficiency and lifetime capabilities of other adjacent kitchen equipment, plus other mechanical equipment. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “the majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. If the entire exhaust system is not cleaned, a significant risk for fire exists whenever cooking appliances are used.”

Our company has cleaned kitchen exhaust system for major companies in New Mexico including –

  • Local casino's
  • Detention and prison facilities
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • National restaurant chains
  • Local restaurants
Woman cleaning the exhaust — Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialist in Corrales, NM
Kitchen — Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialist in Corrales, NM
Filter Exhaust — Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialist in Corrales

We are available for after hour kitchen exhaust system cleaning services for restaurants.

Providing reliable Residential, Commercial and Industrial kitchen exhaust system cleaning for the entire state of New Mexico, plus parts of Colorado, Texas, Arizona.